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NBETTER – Brain Computer Interface (BCI) based Stroke Rehabilitation system

In India the number of stroke patients are increasing excessively every year. Physiotherapy was the only treatment that could be given to the patients suffering from stroke. Nowadays the technology has paved its way to a level where the patients suffering from stroke can be cured in couple of months. One such technology that has amused the therapist is the BCI (Brain Computer Interface) based stroke rehabilitation. The concept of having BCI based system for stroke patients is something that has gained interest in therapist and patients as well. One such product with BCI based technology is NBETTER.

NBETTER ( Neurostyle Brain Exercise Therapy Towards Enhanced Recovery) is an innovative Stroke Rehabilitation system which can detect the imagination of movement of a stroke-affected limb using an EEG- based BCI. By providing visually engaging virtual feedback for brain exercise and simultaneously providing physical exercise through a synchronised Physical Feedback device resulting to improvement in motor-function recovery after stroke. Clinicians can assess and monitor a patient’s progress through internet/intranet access to a data server or through a direct local host access. This system is applicable only for Chronic and Sub-acute stroke Patients. As in India the population of stroke patients are increasing, so this system would help patient’s recovery in a faster mode. Hence this system can be used in PMR -Neuro-Rehabilitation departments.

  • Motor imagery with virtual reality feedback mechanism
  • Innovative algorithm that is clinically-tested to detect patient’s motor intent
  • Physical feedbacak device is synchronised with Virtual feedback
  • Portable or stationary system set-up
  • Applicable for Tele-Rehabilitation

Software key features:

  • Innovative patient-specific motor-imagery detection model
  • Complete data record of the treatment processes
  • Remote clinician access for evaluation of patient’s motor recovery progress and efficacy

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