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Medical Headlamp

Medical Headlamp

During a surgery or an examination a surgeon’s primary requirement is the headlamp, without which no surgery can be done as long as the surgeon is comfortable. Medical headlamps are also very important to ENT specialist for their OPD sessions. One such product we offer is BT-410. BISTOS Medical headlamp offers high intensity white light used during the surgeries and OPD.

This headlamp has 2 models:

  •  Fixed head lamp
  •  Adjustable headlamp

Where either one of them can be used based on the convenience of the doctor. It is a wireless unit which operates on a battery and can be recharged using the power adapter which is provided with the unit. Due to its light weight and high intensity of light makes an ideal choice for the doctors to use in any Clinics of OPD or in surgeries.

  • Ultra bright LED light with high density LED
  • Easy to adjust head strap and an angle
  • More than 50000 hours of LED Lifetime
  • More than 4 hours of continuous use
  • Adjustable focus
  • Fixed focus
  • Attachable loupe (Optional)
  • Additional astral lamp (Optional)

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