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EEG system

EEG system

Monitoring the electrical activity of brain is very important that helps in diagnosing epilepsy, sleep disorders, brain death etc. Hence , electroencephalogram is used in all the Neurology department of the hospital. It is a basic requirement that is needed to diagnose any diseases related to brain. One such product we offer is NS-EEG.
NS-EEG delivers high quality EEG signals with optical fiber isolation through state-of-the-art hardware and software design with built-in impedance test module and anti-interface data transmission technology.
By using these features the neurologist will be able to diagnose the EEG signals completely in depth and can also save the output in word document or EDF format. Hence, this Portable NS-EEG-D system makes an ideal choice for the neurologists to use in Clinics, Diagnostic centres and Multi speciality hospitals from low end to high end model.

  • Number of channel options available are : 24, 36, 48, 60.
  • Applicable for Routine EEG, Event Related Potential (ERP) data acquisition and analysis, as well as professional sleep monitoring using Polysomnography (PSG) and
  • Also applicable as Video EEG.
  • Software key features:

  • Different acquisition settings of signals
  • Multiple review analysis features etc

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