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Digi-Lite™ is a Digital Transcranial Doppler (TCD) System with an advanced M-Mode display. The product is based on the latest technology in digital electronics and software design.

Digi-Lite™ is offered in 2 main configurations:

  •  1 Channel uni-lateral
  •   2 Channel bi-lateral

Digi-Lite™ provides a complete diagnostic solution for the modern Neurosonology or Neurovascular laboratory.Digi-Lite™ measures the blood flow velocity in the main arteries of the brain, non-invasively, facilitating the detection of stenosis and emboli flowing in the blood stream.

  • Proven Transcranial Doppler Technology designed for Clinician’s convenience
  •   Fully mobile, complete bedside TCD solution
  •   Designed for the modern stroke, ICU* and neurosonology labs
  •   Intuitive 15” LED touchscreen user-interface for simple and easy operation

  • Accurate Fast Detection Identification of Abnormalities
  •   Highly sensitive Doppler with advanced, power M-mode
  •   8 spectrums displayed in 8 different depth simultaneously for a complete diagnostic picture
  •   Advanced emboli detection software
  •   Doppler technology enable accurate emboli detection

  • Comprehensive Flow Diagnosis and Continuous Monitoring
    •   Complete range of probes for all uses: 2MHz, 4MHz, 8MHz and 16MHz
    •  Optional Intraoperative 16MHz probe for accurate blood vessel detection during neurosurgical procedures
    •  Extensive speciality monitoring tests (optional): VMR (Vasomotor Reactivity) / CO2 ReactivityTest for reliable evaluation of cerebral autoregulation Detection of recanalization time during tPA treatment Bubble test to diagnose Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)

  • Customizable and Timesaving Reporting
    •  Unique two-layer customizable reporting system
    •  DICOM & Modality worklist for real time data sharing
    •  Easily transfer and export reports in various formats including PDF
    •  First layer report: Customizable spectral summary screen and easy-to-interpret colourful graphics help shorten diagnosis time
    •  Second layer report: Comprehensive final patient reports with ability to write clinical diagnosis interpretation save time when providing documentation to the referring physician
    • One combined TCD and color flow imaging reportreduce clinicians’ documentation time

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