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Clarinet is a clinical middle ear analyzer, featured with all the tests needed for a deep and accurate investigation of middle ear disorders. Automatic and Manual tympanometry, acoustic reflex threshold, decay and latency examinations, ETF for intact and perforated ear drums, high frequency and multi – component tympanometry are all available and full results can be observed on a wide colour graphical touch screen display.

Clarinet has two different models:

  •  Clarinet Basic
  •  Clarinet Plus

These models are differentiated based on their features and specifications. They are also available with an optional Built-in printer.

High-frequency and multi-component tympanometry, evaluation of multiple stimuli averaged reflex latencies with the up-to-date measure of reflex plot angles of incidence are just some of the Clarinet advanced features that will take your clinical investigation to new levels. Simply connect Flute to a USB port on computer (no driver needed), and you can transfer exam results into Maestro or Noah Database. And with the live feature you can have a wide view of the examination in progress on the computer display.

     Measurement System
  • Probe tone - 226 Hz ; 678Hz, 800Hz, 1000Hz (Plus)
  • Compliance range - From 0.2 to 8.0 ml / 0.9 to 15.0 mmho
  •  Pressure range - From -600 to +400 daPa
  •  Manual pump control - In tympanometry and reflex testsl
  •  Tympanometry
  •  Type of test - Automatic and manual tympanometry
  •  Measures - Admittance [Y], Susceptance [B] (Plus), Conductance [G] (Plus)
  •  Pressure change - 15, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 daPa/sec, AUTO
  •   Acoustic reflex Stimulation - Ipsi (I) and Contralateral (C)
  •  Available tests - Autothreshold, Fixed intensity, Growing intensity ,Manual test, Reflex decay, Reflex latency
  •  Stimuli - 250 (contra), 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k (contra) Hz BBN, HPN, LPN
  •  Maximum intensity - 110 dB HL (ipsi); 120 dB HL (contra)
  •  Stimulation duration - From 0.5 to 2.5 sec (selectable)
  •   Reflex decay- 10 or 20 sec
  •  Automatic tests - Quick A and B (seq. of tympan. and reflex)
  •  ETF tests - Intact eardrums (Plus and HF models,), Perforated eardrums (only HF model)
  •  Display type - Color graphical with touch screen
  •  Printer - Built-in thermal printer (optional)
  •  PC interface - USB (driverless)
  •  Compatible software - Inventis Daisy or Noah with dedicated module

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