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Fetal monitor

Fetal monitor

It’s important to monitor baby’s heart rate throughout the labour and during the delivery, any change can be a sign the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen. By measuring the Foetal heart rate, slightest of foetal movement and uterine contractions accurately using the foetal monitor can prevent the foetal distress. Bistos Foetal monitor ensure to monitor the foetal complications at an early stage with its advanced diagnostic tools. Bistos Fetal monitor are available in two models : one with LCD display and other with LED display.

  • Monitors Fetal Heart Rate (FHR), Uterine contractions (TOCO), Fetal Movement (FM)
  • Offers high resolution 7’’ LCD or LED display screen
  • Tiltable display
  • Desktop and Wall-mount installation
  • Water proof probes having 9 crystal sensors for acquiring FHR signals effectively
  • Graph (LED display) / Number/trend mode
  • Upto 450 hours data saving
  • CCV (Cross channel verification) function
  • Event marker
  • FM Graph print function
  • Twin fetal monitoring facility

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