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Flute is a diagnostic middle ear analyzer, capable of performing incredibly fast and reliable automatic sequences of tympanometry and reflex threshold tests, as well as manual reflex and reflex decay tests, ETF for intact and perforated ear drums, HF tympanometry. Flute features an extremely light, small and sturdy metal probe, which can be very rapidly disassembled and cleaned. The probe is connected to the small control box, through which you can select ear and start the exam.

Flute is available in three different models:

  •  Flute Basic
  •  Flute HF
  •  Flute Plus

These models are differentiated based on their respective features and specifications. Simply connect Flute to a USB port on computer (no driver needed), and you can transfer exam results into Maestro or Noah Database. And with the live feature you can have a wide view of the examination in progress on the computer display. Great versatility, a user friendly interface, advanced features and compact size make Flute the ideal choice for a wide range of users, from audiologists to clinics and hospitals.

 Measurement System
  • Probe tone - 226 Hz at 85 dB SPL, 1000 Hz at 75 dB SPL (only HF model)
  • Compliance range - From 0.2 to 8.0 ml
  •  Pressure range - From -600 to +400 daPa
  •  Manual pump control - Available in Plus model
  •  Tympanometry
  •  Type of test - Automatic tympanometry, Manual tympanometry (Plus model)
  •  Pressure change - 50, 100, 200, 300 daPa/sec, AUTO
  •  Acoustic reflex Stimulation - Ipsi and Contralateral
  •  Available tests - Autothreshold, Fixed intensity, Growing intensity, Only in Plus model: Manual test, Reflex decay
  •  Stimuli - 250 (C), 500, 1k, 2k, 4k Hz,Only Plus: 3k, 6k, 8k (C) Hz, LPN, HPN, BBN, no stimulation
  •  Stimulation duration - From 0.5 to 2.5 sec (selectable)
  •  Maximum intensity - 110 dB HL (ipsi); 120 dB HL (contra)
  •   Reflex decay- 10 or 20 sec
  •  Automatic tests - Quick A and B (seq. of tympan. and reflex)
  •  ETF tests - Intact eardrums (Plus and HF models,), Perforated eardrums (only HF model)
  •  Memory- 1 tymp + 8 reflex + 4 decay record. per ear
  •  Display type - Color graphical Display
  •  Printer - Built-in thermal printer (optional)
  •  PC interface - USB (driverless)

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