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PIKA Medical is a leading medical equipment distributor credited to successfully partnering innovative & reputed international medical equipment & consumable manufacturers to the Indian sub-continent since the year 1994.
We have had the opportunity of catering to the medical fraternity in the Indian Healthcare Industry which is one of the largest sectors in India, both in terms of revenue and employment.

  • Our main focus in the healthcare industry is to excel in the distribution of medical equipment& consumables in the Indian sub-continent that are unique & cutting edge in nature.
  • This should enable ease of use and provide best quality solutions to customers.
  • Keeping these in mind, we partner with the manufacturing companies globally around the world, who facilitates reliable and superior quality products and services.



Endoscopy procedures are being commonly practiced across the world. It is meeting a growing demand to reduce cross contamination and hospital acquired diseases. Laparoscopy a subset of endoscopy provides effective solution during any surgery performed on the abdomen.


Audiometer is a basic equipment that are required for any audiology set-up for Ear screening. We offer multiple audiometers of different models with its explicit design and flexibility, each varying with comprehensive range of test functions from low end to high end models.

Mother & Child care

Bistos Fetal Doppler is a hand-held ultrasound transducer device used to detect the fetal heart rate for prenatal care. It provides an audible simulation of the foetal heartbeat using the Doppler effect. . Its ergonomic design and compact size allows the doctor to carry along with them to the hospitals, clinics and home.

Neuro Diagnostics

Monitoring the electrical activity of brain is very important that helps in diagnosing epilepsy, sleep disorders, brain death etc. Hence , electroencephalogram is used in all the Neurology department of the hospital.


Electrocautery is the basic requirement for any surgical procedures. There are huge number of cautery machines available in market from low end to high end as per the requirement of a surgeon.

Pika medical is dedicated to providing reliable products & services backed by EXCEPTIONAL TECHNOLOGY

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