PIKA Medical (P) Ltd. is a privately held medical product company in Bangalore, India that was established in May, 1994.

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We are dedicated to providing innovative, reliable medical technologies backed by reliable service to meet the needs of Medical Professionals and Patients.

Through the Karl Storz Endoscopic Instruments and Units portfolio we offer proven and reliable endoscopic instruments, units and sets for several specialties such as General Surgery, Urology, Ob-Gyn, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, ENT. Karl Storz develops innovative products and concepts, which, thanks to in-depth consultation with leading surgeons, university hospitals and research institutes, are closely geared to the needs of medical practice and further optimized. Karl Storz's commitment to performance and professionalism means both users and patients receive the ideal solution.

We work with Lumenis, the world leader in CO2 Surgical Lasers as a distributor for their ENT product range that offers robotic automation and provides uniform clinical effects with minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissue.

SonoSite, Inc., is the leader in hand-carried and mountable ultrasounds, and is recognized for advancing the practice of medicine by bringing ultrasound to point of care applications such as in the fields of Anaesthesia, Critical Care , Cardiology etc,. PIKA Medical is the authorized distributor of SonoSite., Inc., for the state of Karnataka (India).

Bio-logic, the leader in the hearing assessment market, offers through PIKA Medical in India, integrated solutions for hearing screening and diagnostics. Nurses, audiologists, otolaryngologists and trained technicians use our systems for objective screening and diagnosis of hearing loss. These incorporate the latest technology and techniques including Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) - recording and analyzing echoes generated by the inner ear in response to acoustic stimulation, and Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) - recording and analyzing electrical brain activity in response to acoustic stimulation. All of Bio-logic's systems are modular and can be upgraded easily with proprietary software additions to serve as a cost effective single solution for all screening and diagnostic needs.

For over 60 years Leisegang has been a specialist in the production and advancement of colposcopes. Leisagang colposcopes are the gold standard with the highest picture quality and have a track record of being used for decades without complaints.

By partnering with Clearwater Clinical, PIKA Medical introduces a simple and effective medical device - the "DizzyFIX" to treat patients diagnosed with dizziness caused due to benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BBPV) in India.

PIKA Medical has an enviable track record of recognizing the potential of emerging technologies and introdcuing these in India. PIKA Medical introduced Cochlear Implants in India in 1994 and partnered Cochlear as it's national distributor in India for 16 years till 2010. In this period, over 4000 individuals benefited from Nucleus Cochlear Implants in India and over 70 centres in India initiated offering CI related services. After smoothly transitioning it's CI business to Cochlear's Indian subsidiary in 2010, PIKA Medical continues to cooperate with Cochlear as they take CIs to the next level in India.

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